Alan has over 40 years of Church experience and shines in the boardroom. With a Bachelor of Theology, a Masters of Divinity, service on the EMCC National Board  and ample “in the trenches” ministry, he is equipped to enrich and equip the board and governance of your ministry.  Alan presently lives in Manitoba, is enjoying semi- retirement and is passionate about the Church operating well and glorifying Jesus!

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Understanding the standard spiritual, functional and legal aspects that apply in every local church situation 
  • Developing policy and bylaw governance to unleash the board, staff and congregation to accomplish the God-given vision they have embraced 
  • Prayerfully navigating your unique situation together

Participant Testimony 

I felt heard and learned a lot. Alan is spirit-led and exceptional at explaining and walking through things. 

Jim Horch, Elder

Delivery Options

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Email, WhatsApp Video
  • Willing to travel


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