Enrichment Facilitator Application

Thank you for your interest in investing in the equipping of the leaders, Churches and the people of the EMCC! We welcome the opportunity to discern with you if the Enrich platform is a place for your facilitation ministry to be highlighted and made accessible to our denomination.

Our Enrichment Facilitators:

  1. Are strongly connected to the EMCC through attendance or membership (past or present) in an EMCC congregation and have been recommended by a National Team Member; OR are professionals in a particular field of expertise and have been recommended by a National Team member.
  2. Understand the language of the EMCC-Way of Jesus
  3. Are engaged in discipling leaders.
  4. Are known as Spirit filled and Spirit led followers of Jesus.
  5. Facilitate learning through a collaborative teaching style, not a lecture-based style.

Organization Information

(if different than above & if applicable)

Training Information

Enrich contains learning categories that leaders will search in order to locate an Enrichment Facilitator. You have been recommended as a potential Enrichment Facilitator. The following information is important to help us in our selection process.
Please give a brief description of what your training in this area entails.
Please share a brief overview of your life story focusing on your calling and what brought you to the area of facilitation that you offer today.
What skill sets, education and experience would you bring to your training times?


Visit wayofjesus.ca for more information about Way of Jesus.

Share the specific impact that your training has had on people.


Please provide 2 references who can speak to your area of expertise and character. Please ensure at least one reference has been a recipient of your training. Your references will be contacted by phone.