“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out…” Isaiah 42:3

This is the verse that motivates Arleen, in imitating Christlike gentleness to the broken. This verse is the essence of becoming a trauma-informed Christian.

Arleen loves Jesus, learning about mental health, and serving those on the margins. Arleen has a Bachelor of Religious Education, with a specialty in Human Services and Family Life Education. She graduated in 2015 with a Master of Divinity in Clinical Counseling from Tyndale University. Arleen is a licensed minister with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

Before becoming a pastor, Arleen trained as a clinical counselor. Although she is currently not practicing psychotherapy, she uses her clinical skills to complement her pastoral ministry. She is the Associate Pastor of Church at the Mission in downtown Toronto which creates a warm, welcoming environment for people living with poverty, mental health challenges, and trauma. She also leads a case management team at a Christian organization to journey with adults, couples, and families living with chronic poverty. In addition, Arleen is on the board of a charity which serves previously incarcerated men and women.

Arleen has worked with Christian and secular agencies to serve those who are homeless, living with poverty, experiencing mental health challenges, children, youth and families involved with the foster system, ex-sex offenders, newcomers, and women rescued from human trafficking. Arleen has a passion for teaching; She has created and taught many courses on various topics relating to mental health and the Bible.

Enrichment Opportunities


  • In partnership with Rev. Matthew Parker of Church at the Mission, a 90 min. workshop is provided for churches to become trauma-informed. Part 1 consists of what is trauma, related to Mental Health. Part 2 consists of trauma-informed care approaches in a church to those living with trauma.
  • Arleen can also deliver a custom theme related to mental health to your church in any type of teaching setting. In-person in Toronto and virtually outside of Toronto.

Online Learning


  • Arleen can provide confidential and light consultation to churches, leaders, and pastors who would like to apply trauma-informed practices in their ministry


“I have had the opportunity to witness first hand Arleen’s passion to help people. She has shared several times at our church on a Sunday service and youth meeting on topics such as mental health, depression and anxiety. I’m also a manager at an organization supporting people with disabilities and I’ve had Arleen share to my staff about self care. She has been a great blessing to many in our church and my organization.”

Rev. Mario

“[The Trauma-informed presentation]  was a tremendous eye opener for me. I never thought about these things from the perspective of someone who is struggling. Thank you. You have changed my perspective.”


My experience with taking the Building Boundaries course, was awesome! It helped me to recognize when someone is taking advantage of my good nature. 

I learned that setting Boundaries by saying “no” does not  mean that you are mean but it’s actually practice of balance and self care for yourself.  I am very happy that I took this Boundaries course!


Delivery Options

  • Virtual Meeting
  • Phonecall
  • In-Person, in Toronto


English and Spanish


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