Barry is an international speaker, researcher, and author on singleness, marriage, and family. He is passionate about equipping churches with a biblical-theological vision for spiritual family that powerfully engages both single and married adults and integrates them into community. Barry offers expertise that combines theology, robust biblical interpretation, cultural analysis, historical understanding, and real-world practical application. He has taught on the topics of singleness, marriage, family, sexuality, identity, homosexuality, offspring and infertility, divorce, remarriage, and historical and demographic trends on singleness and marriage. Barry holds Masters of Arts degrees in theology and biblical exegesis and a PhD (University of Cambridge) with a research focus on singleness and marriage in the New Testament. Barry is ordained with the EMCC. He served eight years as a Community Pastor of Single Adults before becoming Executive Director for SEE Global in Calgary.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Why Marriage and Singleness Are Core Gospel Issues
  • Sexuality and Identity from a Biblical Perspective
  • How to Become a Single-Friendly Church
  • Understanding the Diversity of Singles in Your Community
  • Strategies for Integrating Single and Single Again Adults into Community
  • Homosexuality from a Biblical Perspective
  • Strategies for Engaging the LGBTQ+ Community
  • What the Bible Really Says about Marriage and Singleness
  • Understanding the Gift of Singleness
  • Understanding Marriage and Singleness in 1 Corinthians 7
  • Views of Marriage and Singleness through Church History
  • Marriage, Singleness and Family through the Redemptive Storyline of Scripture (Shifting Our Paradigm!)
  • Current Trends in Marriage and Singleness and How the Church Must Respond

What to Expect

  • Paradigm-shifting learning on identity, sexuality and relationships
  • Grounded teaching in the Scriptures
  • Stimulating interaction and engagement
  • Contextually based application for your own family or church environment

Participant Testimony

“When I met Barry Danylak at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, in the summer of 2006, I was amazed at the research he was doing on a biblical theology of singleness. Not only was the scope of it unprecedented, but the theological and practical insights struck me as biblically compelling and practically urgent. I don’t know of anyone else who has ever provided the extent of biblical reflection on singleness that Barry has provided for us here.”

Dr. John Piper, Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church (endorsement of facilitator’s book)

Delivery Options

  • Phone Consultation
  • Zoom Webinars
  • Customized Workshops (in person or online)
  • Online Consultation: Email, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype
  • Customized Sermons or Sermon Series
  • Willing to Travel
  • All experiences can be tailored to the size of the group, time allocated and desired outcomes. 


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