As an EMCC family of churches and leaders who are passionately committed to following Jesus on mission together, we know that God is not absent but fully present in us and with us. We are grateful for our churches that demonstrate the self-sacrificial love and care of Jesus and for Christ-inspired leaders, who encourage and inspire people to trust God for impossible strength, impossible love, and impossible results. Together we will be able, with God’s wisdom, to join others across our communities to navigate these uncharted waters.

As EMCC National Leaders, we are providing the following resources and updates as a supplement to whatever provincial, federal, and international guidelines, directions, and regulations are in place during the COVID-19 outbreak.

SALT Conversations

The EMCC is committed to supporting our pastors and congregations as you step up to the challenge of giving voice to the gospel and the message of Jesus Christ in everyday life. In light of this commitment, the SALT (Social Awareness, Living Truth) Committee provides publications to help you and your congregants navigate prominent topics in today’s society.


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