Deanna has been training, equipping and leading followers of Jesus in hearing God’s voice for themselves and others for over 10 years. She has crafted and published both leader and student manuals for groups to practically lead themselves through the process of hearing God’s voice and creating a healthy, biblically grounded prophetic community. Deanna runs “Deeper” classes at Centre Street Church, Calgary. These classes utilize Deanna’s manuals to train participants in hearing God’s voice and  learning to prophesy. Deanna is passionate about mentoring leaders in hearing the voice of God!

Enrichment Opportunities

Content in the Deeper Manuals and Classes:

  • Abiding in Jesus
  • Engaging With Holy Spirit
  • Ways that God Speaks
  • Continuing to Grow in Hearing God’s Voice
  • Stewarding Truth
  • Understanding Dreams
  • What is the Gift of Prophecy?
  • Old and New Covenant Prophecy
  • How to Give a Prophetic Word to Others
  • How to Steward Prophetic Words Others have Given to You
  • Words of Wisdom & Words of Knowledge

Participant Testimony

I’ve been around prophetic culture my entire life and Deanna Oelke has demonstrated the most biblical way of operating in the prophetic I’ve ever experienced.  This is great for prayer ministry because prayer needs to be more about hearing God’s heart for us and placing the identity of Jesus in front of someone in a loving and edifying way so they may step into it. 

Travis Wilkins, Lead Pastor

Delivery Options 

  • Phone consultation
  • Online Consultation – Zoom
  • In person (Calgary, Alberta)



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