Grover has over 30 years of full-time ministry experience and currently serves at Heritage Christian Academy as a Discipleship Pastor providing spiritual direction and leadership for students, staff, and the community.  He is a graduate and has been a facilitator of 3DM (3D Movements) and their 2-year learning immersion. Grover participated in Soma School in 2017 which included a 2 week full immersive Missional Community experience in Phoenix. Grover is passionate about leading out of covenant relationship and learning what it means to represent the Kingdom of God in a post-Christendom culture.  Grover lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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Enrichment Opportunities

  • Discovering new rhythms of a life defined by discipleship that are sustainable, low maintenance and light weight.
  • A greater understanding of a “bigger gospel” that saturates all aspects of our lives.
  • A paradigm shift in thinking and  new practices that will resonate with this new paradigm shift.
  • Story of God workshop / learning community  
  • Engaging in Story – sharing our story
  • Missional paradigms and practices
  • Transitioning your church to Missional Communities
  • Cultural Exegesis experience 
  • Grover is available to provide coaching for Next Gen leaders. To learn more and connect with him regarding Next Gen ministry click here.

Participant Testimony

Grover will say he has been a pastor for 25 years and a Jesus follower for 10, which is a major revolution that he passes onto others. Every time you meet with Grover you hear of crazy interactions he has had as he follows Jesus. He is radically changing the way  following Jesus together looks.  

Alison Lefebvre, Colleague

Delivery Options

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Zoom or Google Hangout
  • Limited Travel
  • All experiences are tailored to the size of the group and time allotted. 


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