John is passionate about leaders staying on the edge of what Jesus is doing in His Kingdom and in this world. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Mountain View Bible College and his Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from CREST Leadership Development. He is the founder and leader of the Edge House Church Network which was established in 2006. John has also functioned as the Lead Facilitator for CREST Leadership Development since 2015. The house church movement and the five-fold ministry together have given him a new perspective on being the Body of Christ and he is spending his life helping other leaders explore the unlimited potential of following Jesus. John lives in Calgary, AB.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Understanding Yourself

  • Jesus is Life:  He has given us everything we need to love God, love people, and give life
    • The beauty and supremacy of Jesus
  • Affirming Your Identity 
    • Telling your story and why it matters
    • How we fit into God’s story through His Covenant & Kingdom
  • Validating Your Potential
    • Identifying your values and the values of your community
    • Guidance in identifying and implementing APEST (Ephesians 4 – Five-fold ministry). 

House Churches

  • Increasing people’s capacity to grow life-giving communities. 
  • Offering  people “belonging”: the concept of “Home”, authentic community, life-giving conversations, etc
  • The Story of The Edge and what we’ve learned along the way
  • Let’s talk about those leaving the conventional church and how we can re-engage them in alternatives
  • The difference between small groups and authentic house churches.

Participant Testimony

“John is genuine, empowering and engaging. He creates a safe place to work through foundational leadership questions and provides the tools to help people confidently get where they need to go.”  

Anshu Stephen, Mentee & Friend

Delivery Options

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Email or Zoom
  • In Person
  • Depending on the topics requested, the usual length of time required is about 10 hours, which usually happens over a weekend, or a couple of weekends.  
  • The best group size is around 12 people


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