Laurie Griffin specializes in strategic communication. After obtaining her Journalism Diploma, she worked as a freelance writer before pursuing an Applied Degree in Public Relations at Mount Royal University. She provides training, consultation, planning and project support to help organizations communicate more effectively to various audiences for various purposes. Laurie has spent the majority of her communications career working in large and small agencies where she was exposed to a diversity of industries and public relations challenges including marketing communications, capital campaigns, issues management and crisis communication. She believes effective storytelling and consistent messaging can advance the mission, vision and strategy into which God is leading your church.

Enrichment Opportunities

Strategic Communications Planning and/or Training

Guidance for your staff through a communication planning workshop, or a communication audit to identify key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to inform a long-term communication strategy for your church.

  • Create or implement impactful goals and realistic, measurable objectives.
  • Develop and/or implement effective strategies and tactics that match with the needs and resources of your church.
  • Craft or advance the right key messages for the right audiences.
  • Develop a 1-3 year strategic communication plan rooted in your church strategy.

Storytelling Training and Workshop

Cultivate a deeper storytelling culture to inspire, encourage and disciple your people.

  • Identify storytelling objectives that advance your church’s unique mission, vision and priorities.
  • Solicit and reach out to potential sources for stories.
  • Conduct effective interviews to get the information you need for print stories or video.
  • Write compelling stories that capture the heart, struggle and triumphs of the authentic Christian life.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

If a significant event happened in your church, will you be prepared to communicate effectively to the public, the media, your congregation, your staff and other audiences? Our crisis communications training will help you prayerfully identify the appropriate response strategy in the heat of the moment.

Media Training

More than ever, the Church body needs to be equipped to respond to the media, social media and the public in the face of potential reputation issues. Co-Facilitated by Peter Jacoby,  this training session will help your leaders identify important techniques to:

  • prepare to speak to different types of media
  • anticipate and respond to tough questions
  • avoid common traps
  • effectively bridge over from answering the question to advancing your message.

Participant Testimonies

“Laurie has been invaluable in providing consultation in areas from public relations to crisis management to our building campaign. We wouldn’t have been able to do what we have done or be where we are without her.”

Pam Aramburu, Communications Director, Centre Street Church

Delivery Options  

  • Phone or Email Consultation
  • In person
  • Willing to travel
  • Facilitation will be tailored to the objectives of the project, time allotted, the size of the group and the content desired.


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