Message From the EMCC President

Welcome to the ENRICH Resource Centre!

Building strength into the lives of our leaders is a core commitment of the EMCC. This means we are committed to investing in our leaders so they will become increasingly strong in giving  spiritual, ministry and organizational leadership to our churches. Enrich is designed to equip our leaders to thrive! 

One of the greatest sadnesses is  talent undiscovered and untapped! These words aptly describe the origins of our Enrich Resource Centre.  The reality is the EMCC has people within our family of churches whose talent will strengthen us in our quest to walk well in the Way of Jesus! Toward this end Krista Bennett was commissioned to discover and tap into the talent among us, nurturing Enrich into life. Krista’s dream for Enrich is that our leaders would connect with trusted resources that have great potential to help them to not only get unstuck, but truly equip them to thrive.

Is there a need for the Enrich Resource Centre? 

We know there is a place for Enrich in the EMCC. Engagement with church leaders, not surprisingly, has revealed a curiosity for growth and development. In particular, we have discovered the value of our leaders receiving help from those among us who are respected and carry expertise in a given field of ministry. Enrich is a platform for these specialists to affect the future by adding value to our leaders. Enrich will greatly enhance the developmental aspirations of our leaders. 

The dream of a strong church is worth pursuing!  The pathway to getting there is through leaders being equipped to thrive!

Kervin Raugust
EMCC President