Enrich your church to become organizationally strong by facilitating best-practice thinking and execution in organizational leadership, systems and management. These resources are intentionally chosen to equip and enrich the business operations in your Church!

Learning Themes

Board Development and Governance Practices

Shine in the Board Room!
Important decisions are made at the Board Table. These enrichment resources are intended to equip you to flourish in the culture and functioning of your organization’s Board and Governance model, by-laws, policies, protocols and practices.


Wise Stewardship Practices
We are entrusted with the great responsibility and privilege of managing financial resources for God’s glory and for the growth of God’s kingdom. Help boards and finance personnel to steward the finances of the organization in keeping with Biblical and accounting principles and practices with these resources.


Communication is Key!
As leaders we need to communicate effectively internally and externally. These resources are here to help create or enrich communication plans in your ministries.

Human Resources

Our Most Valued Resource!
How do we help our staff to feel valued, equipped, included and important while being compliant with labour legislation? This is one of our top requests for resourcing!These resources speak to strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, budgets, labor relations and more.

Strategic Planning

Where is God leading you?
Want help getting there? Defining direction includes determining an organization’s vision, mandate and strategy; creating the necessary policies and protocols; and allocating the necessary resources to support the plan.