Our Enrichment Facilitators

A Beautiful Gift

We have some incredibly skilled, experienced and gifted people that God has raised up within our denomination who have shown passion to help other leaders be enriched through their strengths! 

Imagine it is a bright, sunny day and you decide to tackle a gardening project.

You realize you need to move some dirt, but you don’t have a wheelbarrow. You have a few options. You could use the kid’s sled (although painful, this has been done), you could abandon the project or you could buy or borrow a wheelbarrow. 

A beautiful gift from Jesus to us is the body of believers. In our independent culture, we often opt to “go it alone.” We try to figure it out and end up wasting money and time. Or, we get frustrated that someone doesn’t offer us a wheelbarrow as we struggle, grunt and sweat with a sled full of dirt. And in other cases, we end up not doing the project because it simply can’t be done alone.

God wants to advance his kingdom through us. But, on our own, we don’t have everything we need to tackle the project. This is by God’s design. We need one another. God has given our Enrichment Facilitators some of the wheelbarrows you need and they are offering them to you. Our hope is that you will receive the gifts they are offering!

In fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

1 Corinthians 12:18-20 (NIV)

We are so thankful for those who have prayerfully offered to the greater family at this time that which God has entrusted to them. We celebrate the strengthening, growth, networking and resourcing that  will come out of Enrich!

Want to book an Enrichment Facilitator?

Here are some helpful tips: 

  1. Contact facilitators directly with the information in their profile! The contact form goes to the facilitator’s email address.
  2. Some facilitators will have cost structures, while others are in a position to volunteer their time; they will let you know the details when you contact them. 
  3. Please be advised that by booking an Enrichment Facilitator, you agree to have your contact information shared with the Enrich Project Manager for evaluation purposes. While we will not share the evaluation responses with the facilitator, we will use the information to provide any necessary feedback for encouragement and growth. We want to make sure the resources we are recommending are truly equipping you to thrive! These are leaders with a proven track record of doing just that!

The Selection Process


Members of our EMCC National Team made recommendations for potential facilitators who could meet some of the requests for learning that our leaders have been asking for. The recommended facilitators needed to meet the following criteria:

  1. A strong connection to the EMCC
  2. Adherence to the EMCC Articles of Faith and Practice
  3. One who lives the Way of Jesus
  4. Collaborative, rather than lecture style facilitation
  5. One who is committed to equipping leaders to thrive as disciplers


Each recommended facilitator was contacted and asked to discern whether this was a season when they could offer their strengths to our family. They were asked to fill out an extensive application if they discerned to proceed.

Reference Checks
Two references who have experienced the applicants’ facilitation were contacted.

Letter of Engagement
Successful applicants were offered a Letter of Engagement outlining the relationship and guidelines between the EMCC and the Enrichment Facilitator.

Complete list of our current Enrichment Facilitators, by category

Enriching Our Leaders

Murray and Lorrie Swalm
Spiritual Formation

Lucas van Boeschoten
Spiritual Formation

Gavin Wark
Spiritual Formation

Robert Gulliver
Leadership Skills

Ruth Esau
Leadership Skills and Coaching People

Sunday Olukoju
Leadership Skills

John Pritchard
Understanding Yourself

Rev. Dr. Paul Pascoal Understanding Yourself

Enriching Our Churches


Grover Bradford
Disciple-Making, and Next Gen

Greg Grunau

Shannon Irwin
Volunteer Development

Sunday Abidogun
Prayer Ministries

Deanna Oelke
Prayer Ministries

John Pritchard
Leading a Smaller Church

Phil Kaethler
Freedom Ministries

Barry Danylak
Specialized Ministries: Singles Engaged & Empowered

Dianne Kuglin

Dianne Kuglin
Freedom Ministries

Rosemary Flaaten
Specialized Ministries:
Sexual & Gender Identity

Charlie Bowen
Leading a Smaller Church

Jodi Graff
Specialized Ministries: Special Needs

Ruth Esau Volunteer Development

Marty Bennett Next Gen

Libby Peters Next Gen

Martin Nieuwets Next Gen

Genevieve Epp Next Gen


Andrew Mills
Strategic Planning

John Stokoe

Laurie Griffin

Dave Morris
Human Resources

Enriching Our World

Valerie Hopman
Community Engagement

Charlie Bowen
Community Engagement

Grover Bradford
Community Engagement

David Benjamin
Cross-Cultural Engagement

Deve Persad
Community Engagement and Global Engagement

Tracy Minke
Global Engagement

John Pritchard
Community Engagement