Our Leaders

Hand picked resources to equip you to thrive in your inner life as a leader. Taking time to strengthen and develop your inner life increases your spiritual maturity, authority and capacity to lead well.  Strengthening the soul of your leadership will position you to disciple your people into a deeper understanding of God’s character and their identity in Jesus as revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures.

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Learning Themes:


Spiritual Formation

Your inner life matters!
Enriching the inner life of the leader begins with understanding our relationship with God. Answering the following identity forming questions will help: Who is God? Who is He for me? And Who does He say I am? A leader who understands identity and the pathway to maturity will thrive in their relationship with Jesus and be effective in influencing others in their walk with Jesus.

Understanding Yourself

How has God designed you?
Discovering one’s design includes looking at such areas as personality makeup, APEST mix, spiritual gifts, task-people orientation, primary motivators, barriers to maturity, keys to overcoming leadership stress and other such themes that affect one’s leadership performance. Understanding and paying attention to God’s unique, specific design in us can open up a whole new world of rest and possibility!

Leadership Skills

What skills are vital to effective leadership?
It is essential to keep being enriched and sharpened as leaders. Leadership skills include how to communicate well, lead people,  motivate, build relationships, make good decisions, think strategically, understand the business of the church and be led by the Spirit through it all.

Coaching People

Want to empower others to reach their kingdom potential?
Coaching is the skill of maximizing the future ministry performance of someone else through an empowering process of asking important, transformational questions. Great coaches are skilled at the art of helping others discover the path they need to follow.