Our World

We are following Jesus on mission in the world because we believe God’s mission is everywhere.  These resources are about enriching our learning together to love our local, cross-cultural and global neighbours well.

Learning Themes

Community Engagement

Who has God placed in your neighbourhood?
Enrich your understanding of who your neighbour is, how to build authentic relationships with them and  how to partner with Jesus in what He is already doing in our neighbour’s lives.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

What is God doing in Canada?
Want to join in on what Jesus is already doing in the cultural mosaic of Canada? Whether you are following Jesus into a new engagement or further enrichment, these resources will help equip you on the journey.

Global Engagement

Want to pursue global work or make global connections?
It is our joy to journey with our leaders to adaptively participate with what Jesus is already doing globally. These resources are intended to help you to humbly and mutually walk the road together with our global brothers and sisters.