Ignite a passion for prayer!
We can all enjoy effective and powerful prayer ministries in our organizations. There are a variety of “prayer types” which are necessary to the life of the church including pastoral, healing, deliverance and intercessory prayer. A church that prays on all occasions with all kinds of prayers for all of God’s people is a thriving church!


Sunday Abidogun

Sunday is passionate about healing prayer. He has Pastored in UK, Africa and Canada, bringing over 25 years of leadership skills to his facilitation.  He…

James Park

James is passionate about shifting a church from being a community “with” prayer to a community “of” prayer in every area of ministry. James serves at Wilmot…

Deanna Oelke

Deanna has been training, equipping and leading followers of Jesus in hearing God’s voice for themselves and others for over 10 years. She has crafted…

Joshua Hoffert

Joshua has been travelling, teaching, writing, and mentoring people in hearing God’s voice, prophetic ministry, spiritual formation, and the teachings of the early church fathers…


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