Rosemary teaches extensively on topics of spiritual formation, leadership, inner healing and sexuality. She developed a year-long focus on sexuality, identity and gender for Centre Street Church which included a sermon series, training for staff and key leaders, and a variety of workshops for the congregation. She has researched, written and taught on the topics of sexual identity, gender identity, sexual abuse, sexual addictions, singleness and marriage and how the church should respond and care in these areas. She has a Bachelor of Education, Master of Arts in Christian Counselling and is trained as a Life Coach and Spiritual Director.  She is also an adjunct professor at a number of Canadian post-secondary institutions. Rosemary lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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Enrichment Opportunities 

  • Communicating with truth and love around sexuality and gender
  • Understanding sexuality from the traditional biblical ethic
  • Understanding revisionist theology and the arguments for it
  • Understanding gender identity
  • Understanding sexual identity
  • Caring for sexual brokenness in the church
  • Understanding addictions
  • Understanding the effects of porn for the user and partner
  • Embracing God’s good design for sexuality 
  • Understanding desires and intimacy
  • Developing appropriate materials for all ages and stages

Participant Testimony

“Rosemary has a broad and deep knowledge on many issues related to sexuality & identity, and is also a strong communicator and teacher on these topics.  She has a compassionate pastoral approach and also speaks with authority, allowing her to navigate challenging topics with sensitivity, while holding firm to biblical truth.  Churches and leaders would do well in personally connecting with Rosemary, making use of her wisdom and experience in addressing these issues both theologically and pastorally.” 

Daniel Komori, Associate Executive Director of Journey Canada

Delivery Options  

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Email, Zoom
  • In Person: One on One or with your Leadership team and key volunteers
  • Willing to Travel: Workshops, Sermons, Conferences

Contact​ ​

Phone: (403) 540-0031

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