Ruth is passionate about intentionally inspiring leaders to focus, reflect and take bold action in their organizations. She is a lifelong learner, Ordained Minister,  author, speaker, facilitator and Certified Coach with a Bachelor of Christian Education and training and certification from Speak Up, Stephen Covey and the Business Development Bank of Canada. She is the founder of Inspired to Lead. In the last 20 years, Ruth’s work has focused on executive levels of leadership development both in ministry and nonprofit sectors. In pastoring there are executive level responsibilities every pastor carries. The challenge is to carry them out in a way that honours God and edifies people. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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Enrichment Opportunities 

  • Value Inspired Living and Leading. What gets you stuck and what frees you to move forward in your leadership? A transformative workshop experience.
  • Self Leadership Growth Path. This workshop will give you the philosophy and the practical tools to become a strategic thinker who is on the growing edge. 
  • Transformative Facilitation Training. Experience being transformed in the midst of this leadership forum, then practice by applying these same truths in a mini session. 
  • Called to Lead Cohorts: For women in secondary levels of leadership in their organization. 
  • Leadership Savvy Cohorts – A safe and inspiring environment for “just in time” learning for experienced Christian women leaders.
  • Executive Leadership Development – A custom-designed cohort experience for your leadership team based on themes that are crucial to executive-level leadership.
  • One to One Executive Leadership Coaching and Development.
  • The High Privilege and Responsibility of Creating a Volunteer Culture – Volunteers are the fragrance of Christ in our ministries. They are so much more than people to delegate work to. Learn how to create a culture of volunteerism that invites, orients, trains, invests in, celebrates and transitions people in using their gifts in ministry as contributors to the Kingdom of God here on earth.
  • Cohorts, workshops and speaking engagements based on Ruth’s recently released book, “What-if” Leadership Journal; The intentional pursuit of knowing, being and doing.  
  • Specialized Leadership Workshops: Designed to meet the needs of your Leadership Teams. Themes such as Conflict Leadership, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Staff Development, Creating Healthy Staff Cultures and Various Team Building Themes.

Participant Testimony

Ruth Esau is a brilliant leadership facilitator and is a master of the teachable moment. Her book and leadership structure are both simple and creative. People who aspire to be leaders can gain a clear understanding, through her insights and questions, of the world, their organization, their staff and most of all, themselves. Building on the Self Leadership Framework developed over many years both in the field and facilitating groups, Ruth helps us to ask the right questions and to build a personal accountability growth path. She will turn the “Woe is me” into the “Whoa! It’s me!” This book should be in every leader’s toolbox.

John Rook, D.Phil (Oxford)
Referring to Ruth’s upcoming book, “What-if Leadership Journal”

Delivery Options 

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom
  • In Person
  • Willing to Travel
  • All experiences can be tailored to the size of the group, time allotted and the desired outcomes.


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