The EMCC is committed to supporting our pastors and congregations as you step up to the challenge of giving voice to the gospel and the message of Jesus Christ in everyday life. In light of this commitment, the SALT (Social Awareness, Living Truth) Committee provides publications to help you and your congregants navigate prominent topics in today’s society.

Series 3: Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Life 1: General 

Sanctity of Life 2: Caring for the Unborn

Conversation with Deve Persad and Jutta Wittmeier discussing the first two papers 

Series 2: Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality 1: Understanding Sexual Identity

Human Sexuality 2: Understanding Homosexuality

Human Sexuality 3: Understanding Gender

Human Sexuality 4: Understanding Holy Sexuality 

Conversation with Barry Danylak and Rosemary Flaaten on YouTube


Understanding Homosexuality with Barry Danylak from SEE Global

Series 1: Worldview

The SALT Committee includes:

Harold Johnsrude, Didsbury, AB (Chairperson) 
Peter Jacoby, Calgary, AB 
Rosemary Flaaten, Calgary, AB 
Dr. Sharon McCoubrey, Lake Country,BC 
Rev. Mike Morgan, Abbotsford, BCPastor Dr. Sunday Olukoju, Winnipeg, MBRev. Jake Hron, Vineland, ON