Understanding Yourself

Paul is passionate about empowering and equipping leaders as Jesus intends. He believes in the importance of affirming the basics of the Christian faith (the Gospel) and of redefining Christian leadership as ‘influence in and through the Holy Spirit.’  Paul’s education and training were completed on three different continents, therefore his training reflects the influence of many cultures. He has served as a Church Planter, Missiologist, a Leader of Mission Agencies, President of the Portuguese Baptist Theological Seminary,  a lead Pastor and much more. He has a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership with a focus on Missional Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Tyndale University. Paul is presently the International Program Director for Equip Leadership Canada, which he joined in 2019. His role includes nurturing an extensive network of global connections (20+ countries) by encouraging leadership as Jesus intends through Authentic Leadership Seminars. Paul lives in Beaverton, Ontario with his wife of over 30 years.

Enrichment Opportunities

“Authentic Leadership – Living in Newness of Life” Seminars (Author: Wes Boldt)

The Authentic Leadership seminar’s focus is on the relationship we have with Jesus and not on performance or skills. The interactive eight-session curriculum is delivered in a minimum of 2 seminars to groups no larger than 12 participants. This small group focused approach allows for participants to better retain and assimilate the information through discussion and contemplation leading to life application.

  • Return to the Christian faith basics, the Gospel of Grace.
  • Redefine Christian leadership as influence in and through the Holy Spirit.
  • Learning to lead in the way of Jesus.
  • Celebrate and encourage each other as equal and necessary members of God’s global family.
  • New life in Christ and the resulting effect on our identity, human needs, motivational gifts, mind and emotions, which, by God’s Grace, will profoundly transform the way they lead and influence others.
  • Seminar Titles: Living in Newness of Life, Relationship-the foundation of new life, Identity and new life, The Gospel and human needs, Motivational gifts and expressing your new identity, The Gospel and our minds, The Gospel and our Emotions and Jesus is our life.

Participant Testimony

Thank you for this training! The understanding of what it is to live by faith in the grace of Jesus alone is foundational and transformational for me. These are not new teachings that I didn’t know, but old eternal truth that hit my heart all over again like the first time. 

Mauricio Rosa, Content Manager, Promise Keepers Canada

Delivery Options

  • Online Seminars: Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • In-Person Retreats  (2 modules of 4 sessions each) 
  • Willing to Travel
  • 12 participants per cohort



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