Sunday, also known as Akin, is passionate about developing leaders in practical, relatable and meaningful ways. His rich interdisciplinary training and experience continue to shape his strong leadership. In addition to earning a Master’s Degree in International Law and Diplomacy, and a PhD in Public Policy and Administration, Sunday Akin also has another Master’s Degree from  Providence Theological Seminary where he currently serves as the Director of Distance Education, while doubling as a faculty member. Sunday Akin also teaches at Athabasca University. Sunday’s approach involves sensitivity to the Spirit, keen interest in the prevailing environment,  active listening, and creative response to challenges, which have not only led him to leadership in schools and churches, but have also propelled him to pioneer a Drama Ministry that has successfully produced five evangelistic movies.  He is an ordained minister within the EMCC, and he currently serves as co-lead pastor at Immanuel Fellowship in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Emotional Intelligence for local church leaders 
  • Fundraising & Friends–making Ideas for local churches (CFRE certified fundraising executive)
  • Professional development for local church boards on Strategic Leadership.
  • Practical lessons of leadership 
  • The Shepherd’s Heart: How to demonstrate meekness and humility
  • Stories of successful and failed leaders
  • Creativity in leadership, especially during times of crisis
  • Bible character qualities that distinguished them as creative and influential leaders whose legacies remain indelible
  • Turning adversity into advantage
  • The Way of Jesus, the Truth of Jesus, and the Life of Jesus.

Participant Testimony

Sunday is knowledgeable, passionate and interactive in his leadership facilitation. He is sincere and down to earth, really he has it all. It is rare to come across such a dynamic leader.”

Evangelist Adegboyega Aiku, Secretary of NICCOM & Issachar Council

Delivery Options

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation: Email, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp
  • In Person
  • Willing to Travel
  • All experiences can be tailored to the size of the group, time allotted and desired outcomes.


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