Valerie Hopman

Valerie is currently the Founder and Director of For the One ministry which involves equipping and training the Bride of Christ in various topics including; Hearing God and the Prophetic, Encounter God’s Presence, Inner healing, and Evangelism.

Since 2010, Valerie has been involved and is the Leader of the Monday Night Evangelism ministry. Through this weekly ministry she oversees and engages in evangelizing, speaking, mentoring, discipling, teaching, modeling, equipping, street preaching, developing in-depth team fellowship, prayer coverage, and prayer ministry. She recently joined the staff at Centre Street Church in Calgary as Director of Missional Advancement. Valerie loves equipping churches and groups to evangelize in all different scenarios and opportunities such as hospitals, malls, streets, with homeless populations, psychic fairs, train stations and everyday life; even the grocery store.

She is the author of the book: Revealing Jesus evangelism raw and real.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Evangelism training basics
  • Practical ways that leaders and congregants can immediately engage in evangelism
  • Clarity and urgency of the command of Jesus to share our faith
  • How to develop and lead evangelism teams
  • The World Has Come To Us! How to share the gospel with other religions and spiritual beliefs
  • Hearing From God, Spiritual Warfare and Identity
  • Actually practicing evangelism together in the community
  • Host an Encounter God’s Presence Weekend for the leadership of your Church 

Participant Testimony 

A lot of people can teach really well but Valerie not only teaches, but is fully engaged in evangelism with multiple disciples under her. She is someone you want to imitate and follow.  

Lawrence Irwin, Pastor

Delivery Options  

  • Phone Consultation
  • Online Consultation
  • In Person
  • Willing to Travel
  • One on One or Group Workshop/Retreat


Phone: (403) 690-3554

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