Resource Selection Process

There are a lot of resources out there, but how do we know which ones are actually worth investing our valuable time in and whether they line up with our theology or not? 

We think the best resources are those that:

  • are recommended by someone that we trust 
  • are tried and true
  • are theologically sound
  • have a proven track record of truly equipping leaders to thrive as disciplers.

Members of the EMCC National team have thoughtfully recommended their top picks with these criteria in mind! You will notice that the names of team members are underneath the resource picks. 

We have also included the top resource picks from our Enrichment Facilitators. We trust these will help you get to know the facilitators and give you a taste of some of the enrichment that they can bring to your ministry.

You may notice that we have not developed resourcing for age or gender specific ministries. This is because Enrich is about those common areas that bring us together to thrive as leaders. That being said, one of our dreams is to have a social networking feature on Enrich that will enable our leaders to network and resource one another around more specific ministry needs.

Resource Dreams for the Future:

Enrich is not intended to be static

You will notice an area at the bottom of each page titled “Still Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?” Please let us know your resource needs! It is a quick, easy way to let us know what you, the leaders we are serving, are looking for.

Leaders Helping Leaders

We are dreaming about creating a secure social networking feature on Enrich. We want you to be able to connect across Canada, networking and resourcing one another as leaders. We dream of creating an online space where leaders can ask one another tough questions and learn from each other’s experiences. We know there is much wisdom in our denomination that, when shared, will truly help us thrive as leaders.

Meaningful Connections

Okay, one more dream! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a platform of in-house mentors available at the click of a button!? As leaders, sometimes we just need to talk and pray with someone through a situation. Someone trustworthy that is outside of our present situation, who will listen and come alongside us. You will find some of this on Enrich already under Spiritual Formation with Spiritual Directors, and the free, confidential counselling on the Clergy Care Line.

Leadership can be lonely and we want to keep facilitating meaningful connections that meet real needs in real time!

So, stay tuned…and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or feedback. We look forward to growing and being enriched together!

Enjoy your  Enrich Resource Centre!